Visual identity and communications style

Staples – a large U.S.-based office supply chain, with over 2,000 stores in 26 countries – challenged us to develop an identity for Staples Europe. They wanted the identity to be instantly recognisable as Staples, even when the logo is not visible. An identity that connects all messaging, cross-media, to create a greater whole.

Make More Happen

We started by taking Staples’ new, international pay-off – Make More Happen – and fitting it to the European market by directing it towards ‘The freedom of being well-organised’. Staples takes away the hassle and gives me (as an entrepreneur) more freedom to do what I am good at.

We could then make the communication style focus on ‘new possibilities, freedom and fun’. The freedom to fulfil dreams and discover new possibilities. Whenever possible, Staples communicates from the customer’s perspective:

‘What’s more for me.’

‘We no longer talk AT customers, we engage them in a conversation. We have stories to share about our people, our products, our customers, our brand, our industry, our interests and we always inform, educate, entertain or inspire them.’

What we touched

We derived the speech bubble from Staples’ characteristic staple logo. It ensures strong brand recognition through the line. And above all, it lets the client take the stage: ‘What’s More for Me’.

The brand bar organises the key brand elements in a clear and powerful way throughout the line.

The modular price indication system creates an improved overview and enhanced clarity about pricing. It is the response to the second key challenge regarding the visual identity.

The imaginative and witty image & illustration style reflects the freedom to fulfil dreams and opens a world of possibilities.

‘You’ve cracked our problem’

Now it is up to Staples’ internal creative agency to further develop these concept basics and principles into guidelines, and take care of the European rollout. We are absolutely thrilled that this world player approached us, and that we were able to develop this solution for them.