Royal FloraHolland



With its offering of 400,000 types of flowers and plants, and more than 100,000 transactions per day, Royal FloraHolland is the largest flower and plant marketplace in the world. It is a cooperative with more than 5,000 members (growers).

To maintain its unique position, Royal FloraHolland developed a new strategy in 2015. A strategy in response to the rapid digitisation of trade, the emergence of new types of contracts (such as between large growers and customers) and an increasing need for knowledge of global (market) developments and trends. The new strategy had an impact on the entire organisation, from Marketing to IT, and from R&D to HR. As a result, the existing visual identity did not fit with Royal FloraHolland’s new image, and needed readjustment.

 ‘Royal FloraHolland is the most colourful logistics company in the world.’


Fascinating combinations

For the new visual style, we took inspiration from the fascinating world of colours, scents and emotions. But also from the excitement of lightning-fast logistics, business transactions and technology. It is the combination of these seemingly opposing concepts that makes Royal FloraHolland so unique.

We searched for this contradiction in everything we designed. From delivery trucks, apps and websites to magazines, annual reports and trade show materials. The company is activating the new strategy and identity with the help of a Brand Portal and a Brand Academy.

Katja Bouwmeester, Communications Media Manager at Royal FloraHolland: ‘It’s so nice to formulate and introduce a new identity and house style for an organisation with so much history. All those different stakeholders to consider, and still we hit the bull’s-eye…’

For this project, we collaborated closely with Total Identity.