RNW is the continuation of Radio Netherlands Worldwide (Wereldomroep). Its goal is to make information and media accessible to young people in parts of the world where freedom of expression is not a foregone conclusion.

Through storytelling and innovative use of media and trainings, both locally and in the Netherlands, young people in these countries have a chance to be better informed. They can share their opinions, also with youth in other countries. Topics including freedom of expression, justice, health, sexuality and more are discussed. The idea is that better-informed young people will contribute to a better future.

In 2014, 15.4 million young people throughout the world visited the RNW Media websites. The organisation had more than 3 million followers on social media. On the Chinese-language social channels alone, RNW Media registered 190 million page views.

In early 2015, Koeweiden Postma was asked to develop a more internationally appealing communication style. The logo was a given. We used that as a starting point to create a unique, modern icon-language that communicates in a very direct way.

Patty Boom, Corporate Brand Manager RNW Media: ‘We are very happy with the new style. It is unique, succinct and powerful. It offers the opportunity to highlight many different topics in a simple way that is attractive to young people. This is who we want to be.’