For Loveland, one of the most renowned dance festivals in the Netherlands, we developed a new identity and campaign style, to position itself better within the increasingly crowded festival calendar.

A new, clean logo forms the nucleus of the identity. The various activities of Loveland – several festivals, a record label – can be linked clearly. The typical L’s also act as a frame, as a viewfinder, that images the Loveland landscape.

For the new campaign, we chose to revive the famous Loveland symbol, the butterfly. The new visual language can be adapted for the various festivals and events organized by Loveland. In this fashion, Loveland van Oranje (at King’s day) will have a very different appearance than the Loveland Festival in August or the activities during Amsterdam Dance Event. As many looks as there are butterflies.

^ The famous Loveland symbol, the butterfly, as a departure for developing the campaign.


Creative direction
Eddy Wegman

Eddy Wegman
Tabi Aziri