KVB Boekwerk

Visual identity


KVB Boekwerk is a newly established knowledge and information platform for book entrepreneurs. It was established through an agreement between a variety of Dutch foundations and governmental organisations dedicated to supporting the written word. KVB Boekwerk’s primary goals are to map the book market, facilitate research for education, develop an innovation agenda and assemble research data on cultural and reading promotional achievements.

Our aim was to create an exciting and adaptable identity that reflects KVB Boekwerk’s core purpose: data that drives development in reading and education. But that data is constantly changing. And so, too, must the identity. We created a data-driven, dynamic visual identity based on responsive data and infographics. Even the logo is made up of data. The logo generator we developed creates seemingly random patterns with a consistent look and feel.

This flexible visual identity allows for a playful way to display information, without losing sight of the serious topic at hand. KVB Boekwerk now has the tools to produce approachable and intriguing sets of data. From now on, there will be no such thing as dull or static reports.

KVB (Royal Society of the Dutch Book)
CPNB (the Foundation for Collective Propaganda for the Dutch Book)
Stichting Lezen (the Foundation for Reading)
het Nederlands Letterenfonds (Dutch Foundation for Literature)
Dutch Ministry of Education.

A collaboration with
Total Active Mediawebsite

Creative direction
Eddy Wegman

Tabi Aziri
Thomas Pleeging (Total Active Media)

Account direction
Ermelinde van Reusel