KoeweidenPostma wins pitch Talking Traffic

KoeweidenPostma wins pitch Talking Traffic
17 March 2017 Erik Mastebroek

Partnership Talking Traffic chose KoeweidenPostma to develop its visual identity. For the strategic implementation we journey together with TheBrandHotel.

‘Smart Mobility Innovation’ is what the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, regional and local authorities and industry collaborate on in the Partnership Talking Traffic. Motorists which ‘see beyond their windshield’ with the information they are receiving on traffic situations further along their course. Anticipating traffic lights that ‘know’ how the oncoming traffic is flowing.

Government and companies like KPN, FlitsMeister, Dynniq and Royal HaskoningDHV jointly invest 90 million euros in projects developed under the banner of the partnership up to 2020. For example, by linking information generated by road users to data from the increasingly smarter getting traffic systems. Not only to achieve better accessibility and traffic flow in the Netherlands, it is also a prelude to the possibility of self-driving traffic.

We collaborated with TheBrandHotel before on projects for the NPO, Hortus, Staples Europe en Havenbedrijf Rotterdam.