don’t look too far

The solution is often obvious. The art is to see it.

When we try to explain how we work, we often refer to a Van Kooten and de Bie sketch. One in which they’re trudging through the dunes, seeking out birds with their binoculars. In the meanwhile, they’re stomping on and crushing nest after nest.

Challenge expectations

Far too often, concepts are conceived ahead of time. We believe in the possibility that a brilliant idea can be waiting somewhere. Somewhere no one has ever thought of before.

creative session

When developing a new identity, we always begin with a creative session. We invite around 15 of our client’s staff members, both high- and low-level, to participate in each session. Creatives from our agency also participate.

Together, we review the materials that our client’s communications department and we have collected: the client’s current communication materials, materials from the strongest competitors, inspirational examples from other (comparable) national and international brands, and inspirational materials that participants bring with them. That could be anything: a campaign, magazine, work of art, piece of music – whatever inspires them.

In two hours’ time, participants react to what they see: what they do/don’t like, what could fit with the strategy and desired positioning and what doesn’t, and how the organisation could best differentiate itself. It is great to notice that, every time, there is such a strong – and often shared – ‘feeling’ about an organisation’s identity. But it often can be difficult to explain that in words. That’s why images are of utmost importance. The result of the session, which culminates in images and key words, functions as a supplementary briefing and as a reference, against which the creative ideas that follow can be measured.

‘The first time we did a session like this, we thought it would limit our creative freedom. But the exact opposite is true. It gives us a much better feel for the brand and the people. It often also is about the things that are said “between the lines”. Furthermore, we feel that without these creative sessions, a lot of daring work might never be approved. By involving the client from the very beginning, the evaluation of the first creative concepts becomes a lot less random. That’s also important for the continuation of the process and the “story” put forth to the organisation.’

Eddy Wegman and Rogier Bisschop, creative directors

“I have worked with lots of different agencies, but I have never experienced one that addressed the problem in this manner. Employees of all levels were invited, not only management. We did three session with a total of 60 people from Nationale-Nederlanden. The sessions were carefully composed, so people who usually do not have a lot of contact were able to discuss with each other. After the first session, we decided to film the next ones and integrate them in the internal launch of the new brand. Everybody experienced it as very special and it was highly appreciated by all participants to be involved in this way. The creative sessions have certainly contributed to the good result, in many respects.”

Ted Schappert – ING


“It was quite exciting to bring representatives of both hospitals together  in a creative session, right in the middle of the merger. It went very well though, everyone came to the floor and the session was a beautiful moment within a process of two parties, each with their own strong identity and history, building a new common future. The outcome of the session is clearly reflected in the new identity. And that certainly helped with the acceptance.”

Petra Timmer – Spaarne Gasthuis

“In the creative session we came together for the first time. I was very happy to feel the energy and enthusiasm for the new company. Many people already had experienced a lot of changes in the ‘old organization’ they belonged to. And I’m super excited about the outcome out and so is everyone with me. It really feels like us.”

Taner Celik – Roler

the best solutions are surprisingly simple

“We are more Hema now, than we were before.”

René Repko – Hema

“I can’t imagine it could have been something else”

Journalist – Inauguration King Willem-Alexander

“It felt like coming home when I saw it. So logical, so simple, so beautiful – so it just clicked right away with me. It was special! “

Lucas Vos – Royal FloraHolland

“The concept of KoeweidenPostma won with flying colours. The Volvo Ocean Race was looking for a more creative (brand) presentation in the event villages and the media with the new tag line ‘Life at the Extreme’ as a starting point. KoeweidenPostma developed a super smart graphics system, allowing us to make use of existing Volvo Ocean Race images and quotes. The design perfectly reflects what we stand for and is an eyecatcher in every location; exactly what we were looking for.”

Stef van ‘t Zand – Volvo Ocean Race

Good design helps an organisation sharpen its identity and coordinate communications more effectively.

“The combination of creativity, effectiveness and efficiency is not always the easiest. But if it succeeds, the result is great.”

Frank Lina – NN

“KoeweidenPostma and Total Identity are more than branding and marketing. They succeeded tot tap into the DNA of our organisation, making the message we wanted to convey authentic, creative, and enthusiastic.”

Tido Visser – het Nederlands Kamerkoor

KoeweidenPostma is an independent division of the Total Identity Group.
Other brands within this group: Total Identity, Total Active Media and C&F Report.