‘Design als Wachstumprozess’ – article in Novum magazine

‘Design als Wachstumprozess’ – article in Novum magazine
20 June 2017 Erik Mastebroek

The July issue of Novum features an interview with Hugo and Tabi on the Hortus Botanic Guardian project. In addition to the description of the case, they also answered what they see as challenges in the near future regarding corporate identities.

The answer provided a nice link to the Hortus Botanic Guardians identity: ‘… Contemporary corporate designs should emit pluriformity rather than homogeneity. To achieve that, the designers are reaching more and more to generative design, putting themselves in the role of a director orchestrating the conditions of a design process, rather than manufacturing a unique logo.’ In other words, design as a growth process (Wachstumprozess).

Novum – World of Graphic Design is a magazine on graphic design founded in Germany in 1924 (!).  Nowadays, the monthly bilingual issue is read all over the world, and is one of Europe’s most prominent design magazines.

Read the  article here (pdf)